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Manchester Township Board one step closer to bringing broadband

On Tuesday, January 10th 2018, the Manchester Township Board voted unanimously to seek bids from companies who would perform a feasibility study regarding delivering broadband internet to the entire township and village. A feasibility study will establish how much it will cost to build a broadband network, how much the network will cost to run, […]

Manchester Township Board to decide future of Broadband in Township at January 9th meeting

Last summer, Manchester Township’s board conducted a survey of residents to determine access to and interest in fixed broadband internet access, defined by the FCC is download speeds of 25 megabits per second or greater. The survey showed that outside of the village, only 3% of Manchester Township residents have fixed broadband internet access. In that same […]

 Sara Swanson

Donna Lasinski updates residents on Broadband bills at coffee hour

Manchester’s State Representative, Donna Lasinski, made a stop in Manchester Saturday morning to hold a coffee hour in the Village Room. To a packed room, she gave an update on the bipartisan auto insurance reform on which she is working and discussed the status of the two broadband bills in the house. She answered questions […]

 Sara Swanson

What does Lyndon Township’s vote for broadband mean for the rest of us?

  Last Tuesday, voters in Lyndon Township (located just north of Chelsea) went to the ballot to decide whether or not to build a community owned fiber optic network to provide broadband access to every home in the township. The proposal passed with 622 (66%) voting yes and 321 (34%) voting no. Lyndon Township estimates […]

 Sara Swanson

County joins effort to bring broadband to rural Washtenaw

According to a study the FCC released earlier this summer, almost 30% of the rural population of Washtenaw does not have fixed broadband access (as compared to less than 5% of the population in urban Washtenaw that does not have access to fixed broadband). Because of this reality, Sharon Township has been working to install […]

Many working to bring broadband to rural Manchester areas

As a rural region with one of the lowest population densities in Washtenaw County, many Manchester area residents have been left behind when it comes to reliable high speed internet access. Cell coverage is spotty, DSL access is slow and available only to a minority of residents, and while Comcast is faster, it is available […]

Manchester Township following Sharon Township’s example, to investigate broadband

The Manchester Township Board will hear from residents about the need for broadband access in the township. The meeting will be at 7 pm, Tuesday February 14, at the Manchester Township Hall, 275 South Macomb Street in the Village of Manchester. All residents interested in this topic are encouraged to attend. Township residents, led by […]

 Ray Berg

Deadline Approaches for Washtenaw County Broadband Survey

Editor’s note: Also read this week’s article What is “Broadband” Internet and Why Do I Need It?  by James Miller in the Blog section. The Washtenaw County Broadband Initiative seeks to expand broadband Internet infrastructure in Washtenaw County, with an emphasis on the rural western areas of the county. This project, sponsored by Rep. Gretchen […]

 James Miller

What is “Broadband” Internet and Why Do I Need It?

Editor’s note: Also read this week’s article by Ray Berg about the progress of the The Washtenaw County Broadband Initiative and their Jan. 17, 2014 meeting in the News section. “Broadband” (or sometimes just “fast’) refers to a type of connection that your home can have to the Internet.  You can read a more in-depth article […]

 Mike Austin

Upcoming Coffee Hour with State Representative Gretchen Driskell – Perfect Opportunity to Discuss Broadband

This Friday, December 13, 2013, State Representative Gretchen Driskell will be holding a coffee hour for coffee and conversation at the Coffee Mill from 8:30am to 9:30am.  Driskell is seeking feedback from constituents on any issues in the state Legislature. One of her current initiatives is bringing better broadband to rural communities. Representative Driskell, township […]