images of the Manchester Community

 Marsha Chartrand

Footloose plays to packed houses (photos)

The weekend of April 21-23 featured three performances of the popular musical, “Footloose.” Directed by high school teacher Janine Hawley, an extensive cast, tech crew, and pit orchestra enjoyed rave reviews for their achievements. Photos courtesy of Unforgettable Photos, Manchester.

 Sara Swanson

Students learning CPR (photos)

Manchester Middle School and High School Students in Builders Club, Key Club and SRSLY Manchester had a special opportunity to learn CPR. Half of the group attended a class on Tuesday April 25th and the other half will attend a class on May 9th. Photos courtesy of SRSLY Manchester and Melissa Lawhorn.

 Marsha Chartrand

Movin’ Monday for the rest of the school year

 Sara Swanson

Kids lift a semi truck and do other amazing things at Klager Math and Science Night

Friday evening, Manchester’s kids had a truly unique opportunity. As part of Math and Science Night, students, their families, and community members gathered in the parking lot of Klager Elementary School. Manchester Towing had brought in and tipped over a 50 foot tractor trailer semi earlier in the week. At first, twenty adults lined up along the […]

 Danielle Muntz

2017 Mens Club Easter Egg Hunt (photos)

The Manchester Men’s club organized another fantastic egg hunt in Carr Park. This year Cultural Art Strings played before the hunt began and set a festive mood. Slightly fewer kids rushed the field this year to collect the colored eggs, so it took 5 minutes for all the eggs to be found instead of 4!

 Sara Swanson

High School art show puts student talent on display

Wednesday, March 29th, the Manchester District Library hosted a 2-hour open house for the Manchester High School art show. High School art teacher Angie Griffin has been organizing this event for eleven years. The year’s event showcases one-hundred and forty works of art by ninety students. Attendees voted over the course of the evening and selected […]

 Sara Swanson

Klager Elementary 2017 Talent Show (photos)

Klager Elementary’s PTO held its 2017 Annual Talent Show last Wednesday with acts ranging from singing to tumbling to dancing to jump roping.

 Sara Swanson

Klager students decorate brown paper bags for the Manchester Market during March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month at Klager Elementary School and one of the first activities students participated in was coloring and decorating brown paper bags for the Manchester Market. Next time you are buying groceries, and you choose “paper,” you may find yourself bringing home a one-of-a-kind work of art with your groceries. Photos of Mrs. Stommen’s 2nd […]

 Sara Swanson

Exploding cattails in the Clark & Avis Spike Preserve

In addition to our county park, Sharon Mills, the Manchester area boasts seven county preserves. Located in the beautiful rolling Short Hills of Sharon Township is the Clark & Avis Spike Preserve. Sunday’s record setting warm weather and sunny skies made for a gorgeous mid-february hike and perfect conditions meant cattail heads were sending seeds […]

 Sara Swanson

Snow Moon and penumbral lunar eclipse (photo)

Friday night, Manchester and most of North America experienced a snow moon (the traditional name for the full moon in February) and a penumbral eclipse. A full lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is right in between the sun and the moon, casting its shadow onto the moon. In a penumbral eclipse, it’s just the edge […]